Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Thanksgiving message 

There are many lessons of Thanksgiving and the Pilgrims. This one is perhaps the least appreciated and most consequential.

CWCID: Glenn Reynolds.


By Blogger TOF, at Thu Nov 26, 08:55:00 AM:

Cafe Hayek has essentially the same message. http://cafehayek.com/2009/11/a-turkey-of-an-economic-system.html

Can someone inform Barak Obama?  

By Blogger JPMcT, at Thu Nov 26, 10:40:00 AM:

Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.

Happy Thanksgiving!  

By Anonymous vicki pasadena ca, at Thu Nov 26, 03:37:00 PM:

Leave it to Glenn Reynolds to turn a holiday into a political stance. He is the worst kind of blogger, makes my skin crawl.  

By Blogger Gary Rosen, at Thu Nov 26, 04:51:00 PM:

I guess vicki didn't read BO's Thanksgiving message, which included the following passage:

"It seems like a lifetime ago that a crowd met on a frigid February morning in Springfield, Illinois to set out on an improbable course to change our nation."

No, he wasn't taling about Abraham Lincoln. And by the way, vicki, if Reynolds makes your "skin crawl" then doesn't TH also do so for reprinting this? Does this mean we will no longer be blessed with your trolling, I mean presence? This may indeed be a day to give thanks!  

By Blogger Assistant Village Idiot, at Thu Nov 26, 09:23:00 PM:

Obama really sees himself as the bride at every wedding, doesn't he?

Regarding the Pilgrims and later Puritans. Even after this rather thoroughly socialist experiment, they did have a great deal more communal responsibility and support than we would consider usual now. This was in the context, however, of a community that was accountable to each other spiritually as well. One expected to give and receive personal criticism about how one lived.

This seems to always be necessary for socialist experiments, whether in the utopian communities, monasteries, Chinese villages, etc. At a minimum, an enormous social pressure is needed.

I don't think signing up for spiritual criticism by me is what most American progressives have in mind when they move toward socialist ideas. They wish to keep only the parts they like. Well, wouldn't we all - but reality has a recalcitrance, eh?  

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