Friday, November 27, 2009

Give away Amazon's money! 

What Glenn said. On the small chance you did not know it, I and other bloggers get a little tip whenever you, our devoted readers, buy anything through a link on this blog to Amazon (and not necessarily the thing linked to). It costs you nothing, and gets me something. Even better, I give all the proceeds (and then some) to charity. Yeah, money is fungible so I probably have more money to spend or invest in something productive, but at least you know that Amazon's giving it up to bloggers instead of keeping it for their own greedy stockholders!

And, of course, if there are other bloggers who are more worthy, by all means buy your stuff through them. Just look at it as an opportunity to put a little coin in the pocket of somebody who entertains you.

Anyway, to that end I've posted the "Black Friday" link below, and also added it to the sidebar to the right, just below the Google ads so you can go back time and again. Click away, and maybe you'll find a great gift for a loved one!


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