Monday, August 17, 2009

Stopping Bob Dylan 

Tom Maguire's take on Bob Dylan's strange arrest is the quietly-chuckle post of the morning. Be sure to read through to the first "MORE".


By Blogger Christopher Chambers, at Mon Aug 17, 08:59:00 AM:

Senility, maybe? That story brought a not so quiet chuckle.

Speaking of surprising, Columbia's School of Public Health came out with these seditious, hate-America comments on health care, from a 2006 study: compared white people in England with white people in the United States. Even the richest white Americans, who are pretty much universally insured (and who pull the strings on these bumpkins out here "protesting" at town halls and carrying weapons to Obama appearances), had more diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and cancer than the richest white Britons. Worse, they were less healthy had sported life expectancies lower than middle-income Britons--the victims of that awful socialist medicine.

Then again, it could all be Dylan's dope...  

By Anonymous Win Pollard, at Mon Aug 17, 10:13:00 AM:

Huckabee just bashed American policy in a speech on foreign soil. So here's your choice:

(1) Condemn Huckabee like you did Gore ( http://tigerhawk.blogspot.com/2006/02/gorebot-attacking-america-from.htm )

(2) Publish some flimsy rationalization that explains why this is OK behaviour for Huckabee but not for Gore.

I'm betting on (2). I suggest: Israel doesn't count as foreign soil because it's a (herrenvolk) democracy? America isn't at war in the Middle East? Nothing that happens on the West Bank has anything to do with America's war in the Middle East? The current US government consists of usurpers and traitors, so bashing its policies doesn't count?  

By Blogger Georg Felis, at Mon Aug 17, 10:13:00 AM:

Can we have a little bit of linky-love there CC to check your numbers? I find it much more believable that reporting bias between the US and the Brits easily makes up the reported difference in diagnosis, along with a little bit of measurement bias from Columbia. After all, if the Socialized Medicine of England does not see a problem, they do not have to treat it, whereas if the Columbia school can see a problem, obviously we need socialized medicine here to treat it.

As for the story. A 22 year old police officer has a report of an old man wandering the neighborhood in the rain. They find him, with no ID, and he claims to be Bob Dylan. They check out his story, turns out he is who he claims to be, and drive him back to his residence before he catches his death of cold. I’m certain the police in that area have a dozen of these cases a month, it is just because this is “Bob Dylan” instead of “Bob Smith” or even “Christopher Chambers” that it makes news.
Thank you officer, good work.  

By Blogger Georg Felis, at Mon Aug 17, 10:31:00 AM:

FYI TH: Pollards comment is from a Glen Greenwald post in Salon where he equates a 2006 speech by the former Vice-President accusing Bush of “terrible abuses” towards Arabs, with former Governor Huckabee’s 2009 speech saying that the Obama administration should not be interfering with the way Israel decides to build houses. (bonus points: Identify the Logical Fallacy in the comparison)

Brace yourself, the Great Green One quoted from your article so the Greenpuppets will be wandering over here to bleat their outrage. Baa!! Baa!!  

By Blogger Viking Kaj, at Mon Aug 17, 10:51:00 AM:

Yet another stain on the Garden State. What a ridiculous arrest.

I assume the homeowners didn't have their precious parcel posted which is why they couldn't get him for trespass.

What is it with cops these days?

Civil liberties are going out the window regardless of race, color or creed. Our government, increasingly, is the enemy.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Mon Aug 17, 12:21:00 PM:

Was he in fact arrested? I never saw that report, only that they asked him to accompany them back to his tour bus so he could prove his identity. Your facts seem to be off on this one, though I stand ready to be corrected.

So, Viking Kaj, if he wasn't arrested would your overly quickly judged "stain on the Garden State" now be removed? Sort of a "Never Mind"? Or, do you think hooded unkempt men have every right to peer into peoples houses during night-time rainstorms?  

By Blogger GreenmanTim, at Mon Aug 17, 02:54:00 PM:

The missed opportunities here for post titles are unforgivable:

Tangled up in Blue
A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall
Dylan tells cops; "It ain't me, babe."


By Blogger TigerHawk, at Mon Aug 17, 03:49:00 PM:

Yeah, GT, it was not my finest hour.  

By Blogger Roy Lofquist, at Mon Aug 17, 07:13:00 PM:

I think that this has been terribly overblown. Dylan was doing what he has always done - wander places and absorb them. In a number of interviews he has described this - I walk around and drink things in, sometimes songs come to me.

The police were doing a good job of community policing. They saw something unusual and asked him for ID. Crime prevention and all that. He was polite, they were polite and the whole incident was handled with civility by all.

Many react to Dylan because of his perceived politics. He has no politics. He writes poetry about the world he sees, and about worlds imagined.  

By Blogger Assistant Village Idiot, at Tue Aug 18, 08:37:00 PM:

Evidence again that CC's aim is to derail threads for his amusement. Anyone who corrects papers knows how to stay on topic, but he doesn't, as I pointed out at least two years ago. It's not an accident.  

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