Thursday, August 20, 2009

John Edwards' "new plan" 

John Edwards really is the comedy gift that keeps on giving. The National Enquirer, which broke the story that John Edwards was having an affair with Rielle Hunter because, well, the other media organizations with the story did not want to hurt a liberal Democrat, is now reporting that he is moving Hunter and their progeny to North Carolina so that Edwards can play an "active role" in the baby's life. I actually laughed out loud when I read this bit (emphasis added):

"John is definitely behind Rielle's move to Wilmington," the source, described as an insider, told the Enquirer. "There's absolutely no way that he didn't approve or arrange her moving closer to him -- it's all part of his new plan to do the right thing."

It seems that Edwards' sainted "meal worker" father never got around to the part about doing the right thing from the get-go. Or, if he did, Edwards blew him off.


By Anonymous vicki pasadena ca, at Thu Aug 20, 10:09:00 AM:


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Aug 20, 10:17:00 AM:

What an idiot.  

By Anonymous Locker Room, at Thu Aug 20, 10:18:00 AM:

Edwards is disgraceful, totally transparent phony with his tear-jerking "millworker daddy" stories and lame "two Americas" act. That he has not been so savagely ridiculed from across the spectrum so as to completely disappear from public life is a testament to the partisan hackery of our nation's mainstream press. The next mega-money trial lawyer I come across who isn't a fulsome snake will be the first.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Aug 20, 10:25:00 AM:

Once Edwards is fully rehabilitated, he deserves another chance, just as Vick did. Edwards certainly would fit as the Czar in Obama's campaign to punish and cripple the private health insurance industry and the evil doctors who make so much money.  

By Anonymous vicki pasadena ca, at Thu Aug 20, 01:32:00 PM:

Edwards father was a "meal worker" Yum yum. Maybe "metal worker"? I am the spelling and grammar police today.

Anon, just when I thought you were really thinking, don't demonize all who don't think the way you do. Some of us believe that a discussion and changes to the healthcare system will benefit all. Remember, I am against a public option but choose not to attack all those who are spreading misinformation around. Wonks like Sarah Palin, Hannity, O'Reilly and Beck are doing this not because they care about America, they care about themselves and their paychecks. So excuse me if I don't take the dreck that they pass as "information" as the truth. They are the one's that are causing the furor at the town hall meeting, them and the legions of people employed by the insurance companies to help further their agenda's and stop any substantial discussion of healthcare options.

BTW, I think Vick didn't deserve another chance, had plenty and squandered them. The Eagles motivation was all for money and publicity. Shame on them.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Aug 20, 01:36:00 PM:

Don't be too harsh on Edwards for his Two Americas schtick. He's living in two Americas himself, the one where he sleeps on the sofa and the other one where he might worm his way in to the bed if plays the "active role" right.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Aug 20, 03:30:00 PM:

Forget that schmuck (Edwards, not Vick), have you heard that Glenn Beck's been taken off the air temporarily? Maybe that's a good thing. I am one who'd wish we could replay the election of '08. Nevertheless, Obama's the president until 2012, and the last thing America--or conservatives--need is for some miscreant to go overboard based on the rhetoric.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Aug 20, 04:08:00 PM:

Edwards is perhaps our best example of enlightened, modern, post-morality man.

He believes in John Edwards, Ubermensch.

He believes in good hair. He believes in swell suits and big estates. He believes in doing anything for advantage.

And most of all he believes in his cleverness. When in difficulty deny and lie. If he only does that often enough and long enough...

We don't blame a horse for grazing. That is natural to a horse. Don't blame John for what he does, it has become his nature.

Just regard him as what he is; an illustration of what to avoid.

K too  

By Blogger Automatic_Wing , at Thu Aug 20, 05:23:00 PM:

So...what was the old plan?  

By Blogger Escort81, at Thu Aug 20, 06:03:00 PM:

vickie -

FWIW, the philly.com poll on Vick is almost exactly a 50/50 split, so from a PR standpoint, the Eagles do not come out ahead (since nearly everyone beyond Philly and not an Eagles fan thinks it is horrible). I can't figure out why the Eagles would do it (I live in suburban Philly and I'm a big sports fan of all of the teams) -- take the PR hit -- for a guy who might play 5-8 downs per game in a wildcat or gadget role. It's almost as if Coach Reid wants to become a Mormon version of Father Flanagan.  

By Blogger Assistant Village Idiot, at Thu Aug 20, 06:03:00 PM:

maguro - exactly the right question.

If Edwards follows through and does the right thing, he will deserve credit, not from America, but from those around him. Until then, he is still operating at a deficit.

the word verification is "foresnob," which I'm sure means something here.  

By Anonymous vicki pasadena ca, at Thu Aug 20, 06:35:00 PM:

Glen Beck's off the air? My prayers have been answered.  

By Anonymous vicki pasadena ca, at Thu Aug 20, 06:41:00 PM:

Replay the 2008 election? Please anon, it would come out the same unless the Republican Party would pick a candidate that could actually win. The big problem is that you had no candidate that was any good, McCain had become a shadow of his former self, pandering to ANYONE who would support him, he picked the most lame running mate out there and ran a campaign that was so negative even republicans hated it. You still have the same problem. If you are relying on Romney as your fair haired boy for 2012, think again. As I have said before, he is the most singularily unlikeable candidate since Bob Dole (gag). Find someone who is not a wing nut and can be positive and people are actually drawn to, you have got the election in your hand. Don't say Jindal, that guy has about as much charisma as paper bag. Don't say Palin, she is an empty vessel, I wouldn't cross the street to see her.  

By Blogger Cas, at Fri Aug 21, 12:13:00 AM:

vicki, please!
"McCain had become a shadow of his former self"?? So, McCain is old, but Barak is young, so it doesn't matter WHAT kind of campaign Obama's "Chicago machine" runs, or what kind of positions he lies about? As long as he can speak well from a teleprompter, THAT'S what America needs in a president, right?

And that "most lame running mate out there," is the one person who energized the conservative base more so than McCain ever did. And that running mate had more executive experience than Obama, and put up with a lot more from the MSM and even her own party, than Obama ever could. Please reverse those roles, and tell me what would happen to anyone who attacked Obama's family! I doubt Sarah Palin would EVER run for president, because it's not WORTH it to her for those liberal "moonbats" and the MSM to savage her for doing and saying the same things that any male, liberal politician gets away with every day (VP Biden, anyone?)

As for "the Breck Girl," anyone who listened to him could tell what a bum he was. Having a affair, THEN bringing his mistress to NC to "be close to her and the child," is typical.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Fri Aug 21, 03:16:00 AM:

Nice Post

By Anonymous vicki pasadena ca, at Fri Aug 21, 10:27:00 AM:

Cas, cas ,cas... I know that the right has to justify the Sarah Palin pick so I understand you confusing rhetoric with the truth. Obama's family and his status as a native born american was attacked constantly. Now, I am not a big Obama supporter but the right leveled everything they had at him, including the double whammy of Sarah Palin and Joe the plumber (the most ridiculous symbol EVER) and he still won. If Sarah Palin ever actually does anything POSITIVE outside the state of Alaska I will eat my hat. That means that she cannot stake her reputation on trying to destroy this country but trying to help us achieve our goals.

As for Edwards, I said it all in my first post.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Fri Aug 21, 10:30:00 AM:

Vicki, I wasn't crazy about McCain and still feel the same way, however ...

Before you demonize him, take a look at what he said about healthcare, national security, etc. and ask yourself why Obama is leaning that way. McCain was a pansy who should've played the wisened hardened and heartlessly ruthless old man and war veteran. He should've given Obama and the nation the tough love they needed to hear, about what it meant to put a child at the reins, and an administration that represents the worst of what America has to offer. We forgot where we came from, on both sides, and he had his chance. He never once mentioned the scum that Obama associated and associates with. Shame on him for that.

Sarah? 10X the intelligence of Biden, and more fit to run an administration that Obama. And before you give that conservative repressed guy garbage, talk to me about the photoshopping of Obama's pecs, the adoration of Michelle's guns (so we don't look at the rest of her), and the drooling by the lefty MSM including all the males over the One.

On point... Edwards lives down the road from me. The local rap is that he left Raleigh because he burned all his bridges there. Calling him pond scum insults pond scum. What a complete cornhole he is. I don't feel badly for Elizabeth, she's as bad as she is, but his kids are going to hear "who's your daddy" a lot.  

By Anonymous vicki pasadena ca, at Fri Aug 21, 01:32:00 PM:

On Palin, anon, we will agree to disagree. I think she has about 1/10th the intelligence of Biden and is not even fit to run the government of a state that has a smaller population than Los Angeles county. Our mayor, except for the fact that he can't keep it in his pants, has effected more positive changes here in less than one term as mayor than she did in the less than 1 term she (abandoned) had in Alaska. I believe that, in the coming months, lots of her legal pecadillo's will come out, showing her to be an empty vessel, devoid of real, substantial changes for her state. Hopefully she will never be able to escape the fact that, as soon as it got hard, she turned tail and ran. As for the criticism of her and her family, she put it out there and held herself up to an impossible standard that no one could live up to. She did it to herself, flaunting it for all to see.

As for McCain, it is his fatal flaw that he did not step up and show the country what he was made of. Thank god he didn't get elected. If he had, lord knows what freak show of a pundit he would have capitulated to, Bill Bennett, Dick Morris, Ralph Reed? All these people are so morally bankrupt, they make Hannity look like a role model. Another point, McCain and his handlers did everything they could to try to expose the "scum" that Obama associated with. If he didn't, the wanks at Fox did their level best. IT DIDN'T work. Negative only works for so long, people get tired of it, as they will with the "Tea Party" "Birthers" and the "Death Panels". If those wing nuts actually used facts instead of fear and innuendo to get their point across it might work.

Please, anon, I have to believe that you are intelligent enough to see through the Joe the Plumbers and the Carrie Prejeans of the world and realize that they are an aberration and not the standard bearers for the conservatives.

Find someone more worthy to be your standard bearer.  

By Blogger Dawnfire82, at Fri Aug 21, 04:20:00 PM:

I don't think that Palin is National Executive material, and neither are Biden or Obama. (as we are seeing) But people still supported (and support) these two because they stand for the platforms and party that they believe in. And when people suggested that Democrats find another standard bearer, they were called racists. I know, because I did and I was.

Of course, those people have turned out to have been right; so I think it would behoove Republicans to take warnings like Vicki's seriously as well.

Aside, I was never really a Biden fan but he destroyed whatever good opinion I had left of him when he went off on a tangent during one of the debates about when France and the US drove Hezb Allah out of Lebanon. (which is complete fantasy, and excellent evidence for my opinion that the guy is a bullshit artist, not a statesman) He was *on* the Senate Foreign Relations committee during the Lebanese Civil War and Operation Peace for Galilee. No excuse could be sufficient.

And Palin lost prestige in my eyes when she couldn't call him on it.

And yes, Vicki, believe it or not Palin energized the conservative base in a way that McCain never did, which is exactly why she was chosen. (a prediction I made on this very blog in January/February 2008, may I add) Donations to the campaign rocketed after the announcement was made, and McCain himself commented on what a sudden deluge of money appeared.

"fear and innuendo to get their point across"

Fear and innuendo worked perfectly well for the Obama campaign when they implied that political opponents were racists (remember the 'some people will say I shouldn't be President because I don't look like those other guys on the dollar bill' that NO ONE actually said?), that McCain was a Bush clone (when they've been [rather bitter] political rivals since 1999), or that Hillary Clinton 'periodically' launched attacks on him 'when she [was] feeling down,' chuckle chuckle, or after the elections when they implied that all of society was on the verge of total economic collapse unless their bloated, poorly designed and controlled runaway spending bill was passed *immediately!*

Obama got elected on fear and innuendo, while chanting a mantra of 'hope and change' almost entirely devoid of facts. He's more or less governed in much the same way. (racist Nazi Brownshirt Tea-Bagging mobs! booga booga!)

So yeah, it works. To a point, anyway.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Fri Aug 21, 05:57:00 PM:

There was a Trojan add right over this post when I came to your site just now. Good thing I didn't have a mouth full of coffee. :)  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sat Aug 22, 12:09:00 AM:

The only hope Palin has of energising men is to let her hair down, take off her clothes, stick her chest out and suck her belly in. She is still a fuckin MILF.  

By Blogger Gary Rosen, at Sat Aug 22, 06:23:00 AM:

vicki, I'm still waiting for someone to explain to me how BO was more qualified for national office than Palin. He did not have a single substantive accomplishment to his credit in his adult life when he was elected. If the press had covered him honestly he never would have been nominated, let alone elected, and Hilary would probably be President now (not saying this because I'm a Hilary fan believe me). The country is only now beginning to realize his delusions of grandeur and his inadequacy for the job. Some of us figured it out a long time ago.  

By Anonymous vicki pasadena ca, at Sat Aug 22, 11:31:00 AM:

And Palin was.... What? NOTHING. And, as her actions have proven, willing to give up her elected office for a "higher calling". Guess making pot loads of money and spreading drivel is a higher calling.

Not saying that he was any more qualified. Saying that she was not even on the same hemisphere when it came to qualifications. What she accomplished (?) in Alaska is insignificant and the benefits (checks to the population) has already stopped.

Dude, I am not a big Hillary fan either but she was totally qualified.

All of you righties remember that Bush was governor of a state where the governor has less power than the local dog catcher and only meets every other year. He was probably the least qualified of all candidates in the last 30 years. And look where that got us. Disaster.

I think even Obama is more qualified than he was.  

By Blogger narciso, at Sat Aug 22, 01:07:00 PM:

Forget it Gary, she's not interested in the facts, that PFUD is actually doing better, that reserves socked away in that period
prevented the need for more cuts,
standing up for a strong defense,
none of those details interest her

Bidem has been consistently wrong for 36 years, from VAWA that was overturned, to FISA, which failed on September 11th, to opposing the
Contras, the first Gulf War, the
first Alaska pipeline, supporting
the partitioning of Iraq, et al  

By Anonymous vicki pasadena ca, at Sat Aug 22, 01:37:00 PM:

Not interested in the facts, Narciso, we'll see when all the corruption in her administration comes to light, we'll see.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sat Aug 22, 07:38:00 PM:

Not to labor the point, but I believe it's crystal clear to all but the most partisan and foil covered that Obama was and remains NOT qualified for either the 3 am call, or any other matter related to being POTUS. He's a disaster so far. And Biden's now completely hidden away lest he open his mouth and spew some new gaffe. VP indeed. Pathetic.

Against that, McCain Palin was the lesser of the two evils. I didn't mean to say that I though Sarah was the best we could've put up, but she was and remains much more than Biden.

And BTW ... why isn't Palin off limits, now that she's out of it? That was where I was going a few days ago ... everyone ignored Edwards when he stepped out.

As for Sarah's admin ... almost all the suits were filed by one crackpot. There's nothing to find of any substance, now that the tinfoil stories of Trig's mother and all the other absurd made-up garbage has been shown to be fabrications of a jealous media and Democrat attack machine.

The corruption we'll read about for decades is happening right now in the Oval Office.


By Blogger narciso, at Sat Aug 22, 09:17:00 PM:

A crackpot we should add, tied to the old VECO oil oligarchy, whose
corrupt practices occasioned the need for such a strict ethics act.
Why the continuous attacks, because
she does have this knack for unnerving the current incumbent, either with or sans teleprompter.  

By Blogger Gary Rosen, at Sun Aug 23, 02:22:00 AM:

vicki, you make Pavlov's dog look like a free thinker. Your response was exactly what I expected - instead of addressing my points against BO, you regurgitated your tired, repetitive, knee-jerk astroturfing talking points against Palin.

Here's a red hot news flash, vicki. I hope you're sitting down for it because it will shock the hell out of you:

BO is now serving as President of the United States. Sarah Palin is not, in fact she is now a private citizen. Whose shortcomings and inadequacies do we need to be more concerned about?  

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