Thursday, July 02, 2009

Our influence exceeds our self-image 

Wikio seems to have leaked its latest rankings of political blogs, and this very blog -- yes, the eponymous TigerHawk -- is 77th on its list. That's higher than I would have expected by, well, an order of magnitude, what with the great many political blogs loose in the world. We blush, and wonder if the algorithm is not in some way cocked up.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Jul 02, 09:42:00 PM:

I am wondering if blushing is a euphemism for chest thumping. :)  

By Blogger TigerHawk, at Thu Jul 02, 09:53:00 PM:

No question.  

By Anonymous tyree, at Thu Jul 02, 11:03:00 PM:


By Anonymous billy Bob Corncob, at Fri Jul 03, 12:16:00 AM:


or cooked up?

Btw, how the Hawkeyes supposed to fair in the Big Ten this year?  

By Anonymous Jim - PRS, at Fri Jul 03, 01:29:00 AM:

Congrats. Well deserved.  

By Blogger Noocyte, at Fri Jul 03, 02:03:00 AM:

Hey, now, TH, that sort of unwarranted humility is enough to endanger your invitation to Galt's Gulch...  

By Blogger TigerHawk, at Fri Jul 03, 05:15:00 AM:

Corncob - "Cocked up" is a longstanding substitute for, well, "screwed up." Mostly British, though.  

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