Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Latest Biden gaffe 

During a conference call with reporters, with the topic of the moment being the various uses of federal stimulus money, a New Jersey reporter asked about the planned Hudson River tunnel, and the criticism of the project that Amtrak can't use the tunnel because it doesn't go to Penn Station. The Vice President's response:

"'Look, this is designed, this totally new tunnel, is designed to provide for automobile traffic,' Biden said. 'It’s something, as you know, up your way, that’s been in the works and people have been clamoring for for a long time.'"
Which is a fine response, except that the new tunnel will be for rail traffic for lines serving Bergen and Passaic counties in New Jersey. I am not sure if the error is any more or less egregious considering that then-Senator Biden rode the rails more than any senator except perhaps his friend Arlen Spector.

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By Blogger JPMcT, at Wed Jun 10, 06:39:00 AM:

The intro to this blog BEGS for a comment about how Biden should be ridden on a rail one more time...but I digress.

Isn't it just fascinating how the news is reporting the sucess of the "Stimulus" when:

1. The vast majority of it hasn't been spent...and

2. The vast majority of it that HAS been spent has gone to social programs that are economically neutral or negative.

I'm sure the citizens will gather in public to celebrate the success of the latest 3-year plan!!!

I can't stop making Orwell comparisons!!!  

By Blogger Dawnfire82, at Wed Jun 10, 07:34:00 PM:

You know... for much of our history as a nation it was taken for granted (and mostly true) that the people holding the highest offices in government were both intelligent and competent.

A sad decline.  

By Blogger Hacksaw Duck, at Wed Jun 17, 08:13:00 PM:

It's Biden Buffoonery on parade.  

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