Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A corner in Paris 

In Paris for two nights and a day of meetings, but I did get out this evening. When I visit France, I require a croque monsieur. Fortunately, there was one with a cold Stella beside it steps from my hotel on the right bank near the Opera. I enjoyed it very much.

Afterward, I walked around for about 15 minutes; the streets were generally quiet, although I did pass an intersection with several very attractive women, each of which was sitting alone in an idling SmartCar. I think it is great that the prostitutes here are concerned for the environment.

No, I did not have the brass, or perhaps the affrontery, to take their pictures. You'll have to settle for a Parisian bistro by night...

A corner in Paris

I'll probably get kicked out of the righty blogosphere for saying this, but Paris is my second favorite city.

Points to the first reader who guesses my most favorite city.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Apr 15, 11:22:00 PM:

Santa Fe  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Apr 15, 11:52:00 PM:

How about...

New York
San Fran
Seattle (I cannot spell :))
San Antonio
San Jose, Costa Rica
St. Petersburg


a moderate  

By Blogger Escort81, at Wed Apr 15, 11:54:00 PM:

The prostituée probably would've charged you for snapping a picture, anyway. Rights to her image, and all that.


Have a crepe suzette for me. The French make great desserts.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Apr 15, 11:57:00 PM:

New Orleans
oh darn, there are soooo many.

a moderate  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Apr 16, 12:43:00 AM:

It can't be Chicago, because you would have stayed there.

It's gotta be somewhere exotic and foreign, where language might be a barrier.

I'd say somewhere in Spain, perhaps Madrid.  

By Blogger Gammer Gurton, at Thu Apr 16, 12:56:00 AM:

After New York, all cities are Bridgeport.  

By Blogger TigerHawk, at Thu Apr 16, 01:23:00 AM:

No, its Chicago. I had my reasons for leaving, and (to make the point) I would not settle down in Paris either.  

By Blogger Charlottesvillain, at Thu Apr 16, 10:52:00 AM:

Paris is awesome indeed, although I prefer the croque madame.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Apr 16, 06:04:00 PM:

Thank God it's not Washington, DC.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Apr 16, 10:21:00 PM:

Iowa City  

By Blogger dick7517, at Fri Apr 17, 01:36:00 AM:


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