Sunday, March 15, 2009

Regarding "attention-getters" 

For an administration that sold a romantic vision of a new kind of politics, this sure is cynical (bold emphasis added):

Beginning Sunday, the White House will harness every part of the Democratic Party’s machinery to defend President Obama’s budget and portray Republicans as reflexively political, according to party strategists.

A participant in the planning meetings described the push as a successor to Democrats’ message that Rush Limbaugh is the Republican Party leader. “We have exhausted the use of Rush as an attention-getter,” the official said.

The Democrats have the White House and have huge majorities in both houses of Congress. They can pass anything they want with the vote of one RINO Senator, and there are at least three to choose from. If their legislation is meritorious, why not make the argument for it directly? The reason is that Obama's budget cannot win on the merits after transparent public debate, but if the Donks can make life difficult for Republican Senators from Maine and Pennsylvania by portraying them as inflexible partisans they might get their 60 votes in the Senate.

Karl Rove has nothing on David Axelrod, other than class.

CWCID: Hot Air, via Glenn Reynolds.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sun Mar 15, 10:12:00 AM:

Rush was a useful idiot. The GOP is forced to bow to him and even the RNC chair has kissed his ring in a very public and humiliating apology.

We'll get back to him later.

In the meantime, you guys can have fun with your Glenn Beck "surroundings" and little tea parties. That sounds really badass. I'm sure the President is losing sleep over it.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sun Mar 15, 10:41:00 AM:

This new donkey plan of pressuring the Republicans will put an awful lot of pressure on Olberman and Clooney and the NYT! Haven't they already done enough?  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sun Mar 15, 12:26:00 PM:

Any senator that would break the party line on a single bill is a Republican In Name Only, eh TH? So much for country over party.  

By Blogger Foxfier, at Sun Mar 15, 03:06:00 PM:

Well, your point must be awful sound, because nobody seems to be able to reply to it-- they've got to charge off looking for straw men.  

By Blogger Gary Rosen, at Mon Mar 16, 12:20:00 AM:

The reason BO is acting as if he's still campaigning is because that is the only thing he knows how to do. He has virtually no substantive accomplishments in public life. Palin is a giant in comparison.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Mar 18, 09:16:00 AM:


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