Thursday, February 19, 2009

Zombies and the walking wounded 

One man's view of the viability of the 12 largest American banks. Interesting, but I have no idea whether or not he is right.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Feb 19, 09:55:00 AM:

The Corner points to my personal favorite, Rick Santelli, this morning. It's worth a listen. The problem with banks is the walking wounded, just like the foreclosed homeowners, aren't being allowed to liquidate. They can't move on, and our national nightmare just gets worse with every stupid dollar thrown their way. There must be a better way.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Feb 19, 11:23:00 AM:

Great comments from the CEO of US Bank, on the TARP. He thinks it's ham-handed, ineffective, and generally sucks. Why does Obama want to do more of the same?  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Feb 19, 12:52:00 PM:

Zombies do you mean all those in WASHINGTON D.C. in NIGHT OF THE LIVING DUMB and especialy those who voted for the stimulus package  

By Blogger Viking Kaj, at Thu Feb 19, 05:09:00 PM:

Just what we need, zombie banks to go with the blood sucker in congress.

Anybody checked to see if Pelosi's canines are still growing?  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Feb 19, 09:44:00 PM:

I was out tonight where I saw a crony who is a senior exec at Merrill and still there. What he said is consistent with the thesis that Merrill screwed up but that the writedowns have been so big in relation to the underlying problems that it shouldn't be the end of the world. In his view, the market melted down but the underlying mortgages are -- today -- delivering cash in excess of where they've been marked to. Unfortunatley, BoA / Merrill are in the government's roach motel.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sat Feb 21, 03:01:00 PM:

Dear Mr. TH, Wouldn't you think US Bancorp, with its (temporary) 15.6% dividend, and GE, whose dividend is 12.3%, are worth at least a nibble?  

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