Sunday, February 01, 2009

Self-damning promos 

Sometimes the mask slips. NBC leveraged the Super Bowl and the special episode of The Office to promote Matt Lauer's interview of Barack Obama in the White House. The tag line? "Tomorrow on Today, the President has home field advantage."

Yeah, no kidding. I get the cutesy tie-in to football, but I'm not sure that is redemptive.

MORE: I missed all but a few minutes of the part of the interview that aired pre-game. According to Newsbusters, Lauer really beat the president over the head but good. With a Nerf bat.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Mon Feb 02, 08:22:00 AM:

"Home field advantage" could refer to any number of sports. In this case, probably softball.  

By Blogger CW, at Mon Feb 02, 07:32:00 PM:

FWIU, Lauer's toughest question was when he asked Obama how is daughters were doing.


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