Thursday, February 26, 2009

Does CPAC's meeting help the cause? 

On the one hand, I can see how attending the Conservative Political Action Committee annual meeting would be a lot of fun. It is stressful being conservative in a college town in the northeast, and always relaxing to spend a little time with like minds. You can let your hair down. Or you could if it were long, which of course it would not be. But you see what I mean.

On the other hand, CPAC always seems to generate bad press for conservatives. Righty rabblerousers say amusing red meat things entre nous (are you allowed to use French in a post about CPAC?), but the entire world is in fact listening. I'm not sure the resulting publicity wins votes for conservatives or makes more people want to hang with conservatives.


By Blogger Dan Kauffman, at Thu Feb 26, 11:59:00 PM:

Yeah and if we didn't have open thnings like CPAC we would be accused of doing the same things secretly in degenerate smoke filled back rooms  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Fri Feb 27, 06:35:00 AM:


The difference being that most Americans wouldn't believe the accusations and our leaders wouldn't be videotaped saying it.

That being said, I don't think a few rabblerousers should ruin it for everyone. For God's sake, the YearlyKos crowd gets together and makes tinfoil hats.  

By Blogger Dan Kauffman, at Fri Feb 27, 09:12:00 AM:

LOL point of information, tin foil hats cannot shield they act as waveguides and if anything would amplify a signal

According to a study done at MIT ;-)  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Fri Feb 27, 10:29:00 AM:

If we could confine the CPAC types to issues like fiscal discipline, a strong defense and nationalism, then I'd be all in favor of rabble rousing. What bothers me, just like you guys, is that the conservative version of the DailyKos kooks show up at these meetings, and seem to be taken seriously.

Since our country is in so much trouble, it should be obvious that now is no time to be talking about idiocy. Leave gay marriage aside until we're through the islamic fascism problem. Is that hard to see? Leave creationism aside until...well, just leave it aside. Leave abortion out of the debate until we have reasserted some rationality in our government spending. Focus, focus, focus!  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Fri Feb 27, 11:21:00 AM:

So how small dose the brain of a liberal have to get until it no longer works?  

By Blogger AmPowerBlog, at Fri Feb 27, 02:12:00 PM:

Got a little roundup and trackback on CPAC, here.  

By Blogger Bowly, at Sat Feb 28, 04:50:00 AM:

After reading the Bolton-Chicago story, I don't think what's being laughed at is the nuking of Chicago, but at Obama's (perceived) naive attitude towards foreign policy. See Joyner.  

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