Monday, January 26, 2009

Pwnage of the #1 liberal media dude 

If a brutal cutting of Paul Krugman -- the Forbes Magazine #1 most influential liberal media dude! -- will strengthen your ch'i, or whatever, read Maguire.


By Blogger joated, at Tue Jan 27, 10:14:00 AM:

Krugman was awarded a Nobel Prize in economics? He's been wrong on so many fronts it's difficult to understand that until you look at the others who have gotten a Nobel: Al Gore, Jimmy Carter, etc.

Poor Alfred Nobel must be positively spinning in his grave.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Tue Jan 27, 11:26:00 AM:

This is the second time I have ranted about Krugman in two days. I am glad that Maguire has taken his latest non-sensical piece (which I read only minutes after I left my last posting about the 25 most powerful liberals.) His column yesterday was so full of crap that it was hard to even begin to jump in where it was wrong. I am glad Maguire took it bit by bit. I personally loved Krugman's defense of spending money on Air Traffic Control as a sword against any conservative that believes spending government dollars is useless. It is such a specious argument for someone who is supposedly so intelligent?

The big question for Paul Krugman needs to go back to the concept of marginal value per dollar. If given one dollar; would society be better served putting that to work in the Government or in the private sector? His Keynseian philosophy has to at some point bump into the Laffer reality? How ever I dont see that point coming any time soon...  

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