Monday, January 26, 2009

Correcting The Factor 

Reluctant as I am to correct Bill O'Reilly (he could crush me like a bug in so many ways), since I occasionally wear "Factor" logo attire I feel the need to point out when Bill is wrong. Not two minutes ago he said that, in addition to Rod Blagojevich, "the other three Illinois governors who went to jail were Democrats." Er, no. George Ryan is a Republican.

MORE: Somebody bleeped into O'Reilly's ear doinker, and he self-corrected after the commercial break. I'm a bit surprised he missed it on the first attempt, though.

BONUS!: This week's O'Quiz is so easy that even I was able to score 8 out of 10. Take the quiz and post your score in the comments even if I pwned you.


By Blogger buck smith, at Mon Jan 26, 09:39:00 PM:


To appreciate better the no doubt valid points you are making, it would be helpful to link in a photo or two of governor Ryan's ex-wife.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Mon Jan 26, 10:28:00 PM:

I got 7/10, and that's without being a news junkie. But the premise of question 4 was interesting: *are* there any Scientologists in Congress??  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Tue Jan 27, 12:30:00 AM:

9/10. Just missed the abu ghraib one.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Tue Jan 27, 08:23:00 AM:

9/10, I haven't paid for any Hollywood rubbish in several years.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Tue Jan 27, 12:58:00 PM:

7/10. I didn't know the Larry King answer, the movie/oscar thing (don't see many movies and don't like the industry narcissism)and Mad Magazine. Oh well.  

By Blogger Sisyphus, at Tue Jan 27, 05:17:00 PM:

10 of 10. Who's pwned now?  

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