Friday, November 28, 2008

The seige is over 

The last of the Mumbai terrorists have met their maker. Nobody will miss them.

Commandoes killed the militants making a last stand at the Taj Mahal hotel Saturday, Police Chief Hasan Ghafoor said, ending days of terror that left more than 150 people dead. "The Taj operation is over. The last two terrorist holed up there have been killed," Mr. Ghafoor told The Associated Press.

At least three Americans are among the dead.

If you are American and remember September 11, you know what India must be feeling right now. The world's largest democracy is in pain tonight, and we should keep her and her heroes in our prayers.


By Blogger Miss Ladybug, at Sat Nov 29, 03:09:00 AM:

The company where I work has many Indian people on site. I'm not sure if they are actual company employees or if they are there because of the SAP conversion the company is going through (some, at least, are there in support of the conversion). There is a TV in the kitchen area and the lobby both which are usually left on one of the cable news channels. When this first was reported in the news, I couldn't help but think of what was running through their minds: did they have family or friends in Mumbai? This is just another reminder that it is not just Westerners that are targets of Islamist violence, and we must all stand together against it.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sat Nov 29, 08:33:00 AM:

Those poor people. I have no words to describe how I feel.  

By Blogger Noumenon, at Sat Nov 29, 11:33:00 PM:

If this were a Hollywood movie, the flashy suicide mission would have all been a distraction from the real operation aimed at the nuclear weapons vault. Just an idea.  

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