Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Self Defeating 

Left wing media bias, that is.

Joe Biden has in lightspeed pinned the gaffe-o-meter. From publicly asking a paraplegic to stand up, to citing an FDR presidential speech on TV in 1929 (which of course could not have happened), to criticizing an appalling political ad which had been approved by Obama (and then reversing course), and so many others, Biden has been true to himself - he is a hip-shooting idiot.

Of course, those of us who care about these things and are over 40 knew this. We remember all the other idiotic things he has said and done - though we don't actually dislike him. He seems like an affable enough guy. I went to high school with plenty of guys like him. But he simply cannot help himself. His job is to talk, and he cannot stop the stupidities from erupting from his throat.

And this is where the fact that most mainstream media are actively pulling for the Democrats is in fact self - defeating. The MSM deludes itself into believing that they shape views rather than simply provide a communications medium. They believe they can make Palin seem like something other than she is -- which is to say competent, intelligent, accomplished and well spoken - and make Biden seem like something other than he is - which is to say a blithering idiot.

Because they believe in that "power" - and may also themselves be too ignorant to understand that Biden is a fool and Palin is not - they don't really allow the Democratic campaigners to adjust to the market reality - that Biden is an enormous risk and liability. Beyond lacking intellect, he is not careful with his thoughts and words.

In fact, had the MSM not been completely in the bag for Obama, they would have lambasted his selection of Biden immediately, rather than fawning over the selection. They would have pointed out his many flaws and liabilities and run him off the ticket so quickly (or even preemptively prevented his appearance on it), Obama would have had a second chance to pick Hillary or Warner or Nunn or somebody with an ounce of intellect, competence and discretion. Instead, they squandered their credibility attacking Palin, and she demonstrated her capacities and popularity and does so daily. By attacking her and her family so grotesquely, they attacked every Wal-Mart mom, every guns and bible clinging rural man and woman. Now the MSM looks all the more biased, sexist, elitist and urbanist.

And they delude the Democratic Party and the Obama campaign into believing that Biden is an asset, not a liability, and they are stuck with him. When you are biased, and you preach bias, you miss truths which become self-evident to non-believers. Therein lies the value of objectivity. It allows these truths to be absorbed and adapted to. Obama is trapped. He cannot adjust at this late date. He now has to run the risk that Biden will not devastate the painstaking effort he has put into the last 4 years one night, taking on the pitbull with lipstick.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Sep 24, 11:24:00 AM:

Beyond lacking intellect, he is not careful with his thoughts and words.

And yet, I honestly believe he thinks he is the brightest light in any room he enters. Say what you will, that is not a likable trait.  

By Blogger Dawnfire82, at Wed Sep 24, 01:03:00 PM:

I had to learn to not to be like that when I was younger... and it's probably the best thing I ever did. (except for marrying my wonderful wife of course, who as far as I know does not read this blog or its comments)

I honestly have no idea how well or poorly Palin can or will do in an adversarial extemporaneous situation. (i.e. VP debate) But even if she doesn't do so hot on policy, I suspect that she will make Biden look like an idiot simply because of what he decides to talk about and how he says it.

Elections are choices between evils, after all, and you simply have to look less evil than the other guy.  

By Blogger Cardinalpark, at Wed Sep 24, 01:40:00 PM:

DF 82 - Like you, I would have a hard time predicting how Palin will do. But let me offer that sometimes you don't need to do much to allow a fool to prove it. Biden might simply self immolate because he has diarrhea of the mouth. And I would bet a large sum that she is a better listener than he is (quite simply, he does not know how to listen); thus she will probably pick up some idiotic things he says and highlight them.

She should keep it simple.  

By Blogger Dan Kauffman, at Wed Sep 24, 08:19:00 PM:

Speaking of gaffes I would really like to hear a statement from the leadership of the UMW (United Mine Workers) on THIS

Joe Biden

We’re not supporting clean coal” and “No coal plants here in America” —

Wonder how this is going to play in Pennsylvania???  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Sep 25, 10:04:00 AM:

Too late, Biden has already damaged Obama's campaign. The very first key decision Obama made in public and he selects Joe Biden. There is no greater indicator of poor judgment than making a pick that bad.
Nice guy? Nonsense! Biden is a vicious, nasty man. Just watch any Senate Judiciary Committee hearing where a Republican Presidents nominee is being considered.
Finally, Biden is a crook, an old school Washington pol who sells his influence through his son's firm. If Biden were a Republican, the left wing media would announce a Biden scandal a day.  

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