Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Nuanced is as nuanced does 

True or false?:

The story of the South's sloughing off of racism and its movement into the GOP fold, is one of the most egregiously under-told and distorted tales of modern political history. . . . The bigotry aimed at the South never ceases to amaze me. Indeed, it is astounding to me how the left tells us we need to understand the nuance of, say, the Jihadi mind in all of its shades of gray, but when it comes to the voting habits of law-abiding white North Carolinians all you need to know is that if a white hand pulls a lever for a Republican politician, that hand must be attached to a racist.

Which is not to say that Republicans have not both played the race card in American electoral politics and described the threat posed by jihadis in black and white, as it were. That inconvenient truth does not diminish the fact that the northern "progressive" chattering classes routinely call for us to understand and excuse profoundly anti-social, anti-American, or nihilistic behavior if perpetrated by official victims, a class that apparently includes both African-Americans and the jihadi relatives of upper class Arabs.


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