Saturday, April 12, 2008

Rachel does her taxes 

Rachel Lucas is live-blogging her taxes, or at least her reaction to TurboTax's sad news. I must say, she has no regard at all for the feelings of her fellow citizens who are not pulling their own load. Indeed, she uses many ugly words, including "butthurt".


By Blogger antithaca, at Sat Apr 12, 07:50:00 PM:

hmm, rachel made a mistake or needs tax help next year. rachel should have been paying quarterly estimated taxes.  

By Blogger TigerHawk, at Sun Apr 13, 07:37:00 AM:

Or maybe she just makes enough money that she misunderestimated them. But you're right.  

By Blogger JPMcT, at Sun Apr 13, 08:56:00 PM:

I wrote a check for $8300. My taxes that I already had withdrawn were over $122,000...but apparently that wasn't enough. Quarterly taxes? Yeah right, I really WANT to give these bloodsucking bastards an INTEREST FREE LOAN for a year! I'd rather suck it up and bleed every April. I love it when people tell me that they are getting this huge tax return, like it's manna from heaven...they haven't the sense to realize that it's their OWN money being given back to them by people that have been using it all year FREE OF CHARGE!

I guess I'm paying a bit extra this year to allow all those folks who don't normally pay much in taxes to get a "rebate" to stimulate the economy. What a wonderful ruse. If I got money for nothing, hell, I'd spend it. MJost of the rebate money will go to pay people's expenses and do nothing for the economy. The top earners are the one's who hire people and have the disposable income to actually stimulate the economy...Gee, let's not give them a cent of their money back! What a bunch of COMPLETE IDIOTS!!!

We have reached a point in our wonderful republic that the number of people capable of voting themselves benefits OUTNUMBER the people that are actually PAYING for it! As long as we have "one-man, one-vote" and this situation exists, then the handwriting is on the wall...  

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