Friday, February 29, 2008

Who is the rube? 

Eventually, somebody is going to ask Barack Obama to explain his position on free trade with our most important and proximate trading partners. That will be interesting, since up until now it seems he has been deliberately confusing the boobery:

When it comes to things like NAFTA, there seem to be only two possibilities. Either Obama's anti-NAFTA talk is a ruse to fool the rubes, or his coterie of distinguished economic experts is a ruse to fool a different batch of rubes.

Regardless, he apparently thinks Canadian diplomats are rubes. In that he may be right, but no presidential candidate should allow his campaign to say as much.

MORE: "Coming next -- an Obama adviser tells the Iraqi government not to pay attention to his troop-withdrawal talk?"


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Fri Feb 29, 06:24:00 AM:

Remind me again, Obama graduated from Harvard, right? When did its curriculum get purged of hard analytical skills?  

By Blogger SR, at Fri Feb 29, 08:41:00 AM:

A long time ago. I wonder what his major was?  

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