Monday, February 18, 2008

Hezbollah in the tradition of Hitler 

According to the Associated Press, it is not in the least bit interesting that Iran's proxy Hezbollah uses the form of salute made famous -- and infamous -- by the Nazis.

It would be fascinating to know how many newspapers around the world had the courage to pick up the linked picture and write their own caption.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Mon Feb 18, 04:51:00 PM:

I hear that Hezbollah is about to make a rock video with this footage. The background music will be "Shiny, Happy People." In all seriousness, what's the matter with the MSM? The AP whiffs big-time on this photograph. Who's sitting at the editor's desk? Chuckles the Clown?

The Centrist  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Mon Feb 18, 05:33:00 PM:

"editor's desk"? What is this strange term "editor's desk"?  

By Blogger Larry Sheldon, at Mon Feb 18, 05:35:00 PM:

"anonymous"? I am not "anonymous"!  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Mon Feb 18, 08:58:00 PM:

Funny thing is, that salute is the Roman legionnaire's salute, and was stolen by the Nazis.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Tue Feb 19, 12:35:00 AM:


It was consciously emulated by the Italian fascists, who the Germans then emulated. Then the Nazi-inspired Arabs adopted it. (now with bonus Jew-hating connotations!)

I'm a little surprised at the surprise; I've talked here before about Hitler loving, Nazi salute throwing Arabs. It's not like they hide it.  

By Blogger Unknown, at Tue Feb 19, 04:55:00 AM:

It's entirely possible the AP writer and editors couldn't connect that salute with a century never mind its symbolism.

And on the other hand AP probably has more than a couple Hizbuallah toadies on its stringer payroll and prefers getting the story and the pictures against any pretense of honesty.  

By Blogger TigerHawk, at Tue Feb 19, 06:51:00 AM:

dawnfire - I'm not surprised at the salute -- I think I have seen other pictures of it at LGF. I'm also not surprised that the A.P. did not make the connection in its caption. My complete lack of surprise, however, does not prevent me from pointing out this entirely unsurprising outrage to our readers!  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sun Nov 09, 09:56:00 AM:


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