Thursday, February 28, 2008

Does anyone know of examples of anti-blogs on the right side of the ideological spectrum? I know they were a fad a few years ago, but I can't think of any.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Feb 28, 05:41:00 PM:


First off, I'm billing this site for the emergency session I had with my shrink just now. I'm still trembling at the memory. There I was, innocently clicking on your example link (or so I thought, back in the days when I trusted you) and, much to my horror, I ended up on a female's blogsite.

If I only bill you for one session, consider yourself lucky.

Uses of the word "she" on her home page = 43

"her" = 90

Total = 133

Uses of the word "him" on my own home page, which is twice as long = 9

"his" = 17

Total = 26

133 vs. 26

Ergo, she is approximately 520% more sexist than I am.

Who would have guessed?

Anyway, I was bit puzzled by your request. For starters, the (taking deep breath) female's blogsite you linked to was the very antithesis of the famed-yet-elusive anti-blog. It was just a regular ol' dumbass blogsite full of pictures of cute animals and why Hillary will do this and why Obama should do that and, well, let's just say it wasn't much inspiration for the definiton of an 'anti-blog'.

Second, a Google search for "anti-blog" turns up nothing but people blogging about how worthless blogs are. And they're blogging it with heartfelt conviction and at great length, I might add.

Third, the very term "anti-blog blogsite" is an oxymoron. Are you now asking us to believe in the supernatural? Will UFO's be next?

And what in the world does "on the right" have to do with anything? Should these, then, just be blogs anti-blogging about right-wing blogsites? That would be known as a "Lefty", good friend.

But then I figured it out.  

By Blogger joated, at Thu Feb 28, 09:16:00 PM:

I wasnt quite as traumatized as the good dr. mercury when I clicked through to your example. More amused by the post about the cats. (They were called republicans because they would rather sit at the window and watch the birds than go out and fight for their food.)

I left a comment that they were more like Democrats since they would rather laze about and not work while depending upon the largess of "the man" to provide for them.

Haven't come across any sites calling for the ouster of Dean, Reid, Pelosi, Olbermann, Mathews, et.al. in the name of the site. But then, I've never really looked that hard. I figure it's a phenomenon of the "tolerant" progressives.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Feb 28, 09:36:00 PM:

Olbermann watch


By Blogger Daphne, at Fri Feb 29, 10:25:00 AM:

Dennis The Peasant is a great anti-blog, plus he's incredibly funny.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sun Nov 09, 08:56:00 AM:


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