Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Blame Bill? 

Bill O'Reilly, just now: "If Hillary Clinton loses, will Bill Clinton get the blame?"

Me, to the television: "He will, according to Hillary at least."

Mrs. TigerHawk, from the other room, regarding the unfortunate position Bill may be in: "Another decade without sex!"



By Blogger Patrick Wahl, at Tue Feb 26, 11:29:00 PM:

You mean sex without Hillary, not no sex. I think he's still scoring.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Feb 27, 12:18:00 AM:

Have you ever noticed that everyone BILL CLINTON has supported lost the elections? I SURE HOPE BILL SUPPORTS OBAMA THEN HE,LL LOSE  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Feb 27, 10:09:00 AM:

Patrick's right on this one. Yeah, no more sex...with Hillary. Rather than the snarky "Heh", TH, I would have said "Lucky bastard!"

And no, I don't think anyone will be blaming Bill. The general consensus at the moment is that her decline is simply a matter of bad organization, bad strategy, and bad timing. Oh, and throw in an Obama-loving MSM and a CDS-ridden blogosphere and it's no wonder she never got off the ground. So much for giving the candidates a fair shake.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Feb 27, 02:56:00 PM:

Haven't we previously established that this is merely a marriage of convenience?

I've always heard that Hillary was more inclined to ladies anyway. Guess that means that she and Bill will have to fight over sloppy seconds.  

By Blogger Whiskey, at Thu Feb 28, 01:18:00 AM:

Bill Clinton in 1992 knew what average Americans were like and could tailor both speeches, symbolic actions (Sistah Souljah) and policies to get their votes.

Bill Clinton after 8 years in the White House followed by 8 years in Davos or pal Ron Burkle's LA "swinging bachelor pad" has no fricking clue what an ordinary person would be like.

It's the equivalent to G HW Bush asking "this is for checking out" about grocery scanners.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sun Nov 09, 09:18:00 AM:


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