Friday, February 29, 2008

After all, his lips were moving 

Should I be upset that Obama may be misleading voters or happy that he *actually* has no intention of pursuing a really stupid policy?


By Blogger Christopher Chambers, at Fri Feb 29, 08:00:00 PM:

Whoa...what exactly his your real name Mindles. I'd like to know the person who's but one more megaphone for a "movement" that regular Americans clearly have gotten sick of. Ask Mitt Romney.  

By Blogger Diane Wilson, at Fri Feb 29, 08:31:00 PM:

Obama has said that he's for more transparency in government. Does being a transparent liar count?  

By Blogger Assistant Village Idiot, at Fri Feb 29, 10:23:00 PM:

Two possibilities occur to me: 1) Obama essentially subscribes to the standard class warfare myths that free trade benefits only a few while the many little guys take it in the neck. Even though he is capable of understanding economic advisers (he reportedly has some good ones) when they explain that it's just the opposite, he reverts back to his previous belief whenever he feels pressure. 2) He is reading his press clippings and starting to believe them, thinking that goodwill and noble motives can by themselves drive prosperity.

Neither choice comforts me much.  

By Blogger Andrew Hofer, at Sat Mar 01, 10:19:00 AM:

Hey, Chris, you're the one who appeared to say you need a bullhorn to re-assert a myth loud enough to make it true.

Which pretty much sums up the quality of your argumentation here thus far.

Perhaps you'd like to take a stab at defending an anti-NAFTA position. You may need to proofread this time.

Or perhaps, as I suspect, you are in this purely for our comic relief.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sat Mar 01, 03:07:00 PM:

Of course they always mislead the voters before their elected  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sun Nov 09, 08:54:00 AM:


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