Sunday, December 30, 2007

Hats off to the New York Times 

The New York Times has announced that Weekly Standard publisher Bill Kristol will join its stable of regular op-ed columnists. I would have preferred somebody more analytical with a particular expertise (Andrew McCarthy comes to mind) or somebody wittier (Jonah Goldberg or Mark Steyn). That said, Kristol has been such a critic of the Times (he suggested that perhaps it ought to be prosecuted for publishing the details of the NSA's surveillance program) that the decision shows real courage on their part. Indeed, it is a genuine surprise, considering that the paper's current Public Editor, Clark Hoyt, has turned out to be such an unapologetic guardian for the lefty point of view.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sun Dec 30, 03:19:00 PM:

i used to think pollit was kind of good looking, but a recent picture reveals she as become a beast. the flesh revealing the inner character.  

By Blogger Steve M. Galbraith, at Sun Dec 30, 05:21:00 PM:

It may show guts on the part of the Times but does this tell us anything about Kristol?

Does he still think, for example, that the Times is "irredeemable"? Apparently not.

Or perhaps he'll save it?

When asked why he, as a conservative, wrote pieces for Playboy, William F. Buckley responded that it was the fastest way for him to communicate with his 17-year old son.

Maybe Kristol wants to reach out to those 17-year old intellects out there.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sun Dec 30, 07:53:00 PM:

Huh? I frankly don't see the cause for much celebrating: Bill Kristol is not exactly a male Ann Coulter. Bill Kristol is -- in my view -- as close to MSM as a "conservative" can get. You would be very hard-pressed to make the case, for instance, that Kristol is "in touch" with the "grassroots" in "fly-over country." I do agree with you regarding Mark Steyn. Andrew McCarthy, however, may I suggest, would be no better than Kristol.  

By Blogger ProudGulfWarVet65, at Sun Dec 30, 08:02:00 PM:

gunjam said...

Bill Kristol is -- in my view -- as close to MSM as a "conservative" can get.

Well said. He may be not be a flaming leftist, but he's a Beltway puke. Sadly, all too many 'conservative' journalists are no different these days.  

By Blogger reddog, at Mon Dec 31, 01:08:00 AM:

Maybe the neocons are going back to their liberal, academic, intellectual roots. Stranger things have happened.  

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