Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Mohammed finally confesses 

If this isn't the headline of the millenium, I don't know what it would be (click to enlarge):

To the relief of us all I'm sure, Reuters fixed the grammar in the write-through.


By Blogger Habu, at Wed Mar 14, 08:50:00 PM:

Shocking, absolutely shocking.
Has anyone called in Jimma Carter and Ramsey Clark to begin the ritual of begging for mercy for this guy?

Since the President has recently graced Senator Kennedy with accolades can we be far from a full Presidential pardon to show our good will toward the Islamic world?

And can someone help me out here. Has my gyro totally tumbled or is President Bush morphed into something else...I'm at a loss for words to explain his behavior, or as I said , is it just a misperception on my part.

Anyway just to wrap things up I vote for the Uday Chipper-Shredder Death Machine for this SOB.  

By Blogger Angevin13, at Thu Mar 15, 07:03:00 AM:

Even better: This morning Mar 15, 4:26 AM EDT, From the AP: "Mohammed Confesses to Many Terror Plots."  

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