Tuesday, August 01, 2006

More Israeli war crimes! 

Caption: Israeli special forces with their llamas wait to cross the Israel-Lebanon border, late August 1, 2006.

Where's PETA when the llamas need them?


By Blogger Final Historian, at Wed Aug 02, 12:35:00 AM:

Were they riding the Llamas... or merely using them as pack animals?  

By Blogger pedro, at Wed Aug 02, 05:16:00 AM:

That is one badd-ass looking llama, the stuff of nightmares for hezbollah!  

By Blogger Daniel, at Wed Aug 02, 07:13:00 AM:

Llama = unblinking war-machine  

By Blogger Gordon Smith, at Wed Aug 02, 02:10:00 PM:


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