Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The new O'Quiz is up! 

The weekly "O'Quiz" on billoreilly.com has become a favorite of mine. It isn't easy -- I scored 6.0 out of a possible 10, a grade that would usually warrant a stern talking-to in this house -- but the average score of those who have taken it is only 4.9. Take the O'Quiz here.


By Blogger Cassandra, at Wed Jun 07, 10:52:00 AM:

7/10, which is pretty damned good for someone who doesn't watch the news on TV or even read the paper most days.  

By Blogger cakreiz, at Wed Jun 07, 10:56:00 AM:

7 also, Cassie. And I don't watch TV news or read papers much either. Just these damn blogs.  

By Blogger TigerHawk, at Wed Jun 07, 11:30:00 AM:

Judging from your written output, you're both more in touch with the people than I am...

Or maybe just smarter.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Jun 07, 11:57:00 AM:

10 out of 10. But then again, I wrote the damned thing.  

By Blogger Cassandra, at Wed Jun 07, 12:49:00 PM:

Or maybe just smarter.

Not likely, TH.  

By Blogger Lanky_Bastard, at Wed Jun 07, 01:06:00 PM:

Perhaps you suffer from conservative anemia. Try to get a little more red meat in your news diet.  

By Blogger Papa Ray, at Thu Jun 08, 12:08:00 AM:

I watch a little Fox, but get my news off of blogs and newsfeeds.

10 our of 10, almost missed the last, "all of the above", marked it anyway, I figured they were not just crazy demented but totally crazy demented.

Papa Ray  

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