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Coulter vs. Lauer 

Who ya got?

UPDATE: Captain Ed thinks Ann stepped over at least one line. Well, that happens if you don't play it safe.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Jun 07, 09:00:00 PM:

She's smart, but she's mean. The problem sometimes with contemporary America is that people do and say outrageous things to draw attention to themselves, thereby blurring the line between solid pamphleteering and pedestrian entertainment. It's one thing to dispute what the Democrats do and say, but her comment about the 9/11 widows was totally out of line.

The Centrist  

By Blogger @whut, at Wed Jun 07, 10:39:00 PM:


By Blogger K. Pablo, at Wed Jun 07, 10:51:00 PM:

Yeah, I hate to say this, but she really oughta apologize. She managed to make Hillary Clinton seem like a sympathetic figure, which is quite extraordinary...  

By Blogger SLH, at Thu Jun 08, 09:51:00 AM:

Coulter fights fire with fire. She speaks truth to political correctness when others lack either the intellect or the courage. Her analysis has the focus and penetration of a laser.

Often the effect is stark and sometimes it's harsh. Sometimes it has to be harsh to be effective. It's certainly not my preference in styles. But like it or not, the left is waging war for the culture and soul of America, and the issue is whether we fight or just roll over.

It takes all kinds of soldiers to win a war. While we each assume the functions most appropriate for our abilities and interests, we can be grateful to have Ann Coulter manning the artillery.  

By Blogger Jim, at Fri Jun 09, 07:42:00 AM:

Oh give me a break. You "Republicans" are totally in line with the Democrats/Feminists. All the Republican politicians are on their knees to placate "Security Moms" at the expense of American males. I can't even live in the USA anymore.

Take for instance your irrational animosity to so-called "Mail Order Brides" whom non-Americans would rationally refer to as non-Americans:

A Republican federal judge declared before Memorial Day in the IMBRA Case: "The Supreme Court has never explicitly recognized a fundamental liberty interest in Americans meeting foreigners for intimate relationships."

That means the 2nd Amendment "Right of Association" only applies to the right to associate among other Americans.

Thus, according to Bush's judicial appointees: "American men have no right of association with foreigners".

Did I know this when I served my country in US Army Intelligence?

It makes me sick to see how so many good young American men have allowed "patriotic bloggers" to spend the last 4 years convincing them that the Republicans need to be voted for simply because the Democrats are insane on national security.

Why doesn't Fox News allow anyone to criticize the new feminist laws that have been passed (like IMBRA) and those that are coming down the pike?

I can tell you stories that would make your hair stand on end...of what "Security Moms" really believe about sex and the male right to pursuit of happiness.

We're being used guys. It is almost as if the Democrats are deliberately acting screwey on the WOT so we will be forced to accept the loss of the freedoms that their Republicans allies are pushing for now that "victim feminists" have taken over both parties and the entire media including Fox News.

Now that Zarkman is Dead...and, yes, he is STILL DEAD...let's turn our eyes to a more formidable enemy than Islamists...the victim feminists of America who took over while you were looking at Iraq.

Roman history is replete with cases where the Roman armies were victorious in the field...only to realize that the government they were so bravely serving back home had changed to the extreme detriment of the brave soldiers and officers who had been doing the fighting abroad.

Think about it. Check out www.veteransabroad.com.  

By Blogger Jim, at Fri Jun 09, 09:08:00 AM:

[But like it or not, the left is waging war for the culture and soul of America, and the issue is whether we fight or just roll over.]

Guys...puleez...you American "conservative" male metrosexuals *already* rolled over! You won't be able to stand up now because it is too late. Your enemies are even within your own ranks.

And you join them sometimes. More often than not, you side with the left's "female victims."

For instance, you probably thought the "Stalker Law" of 1997 was needed. Much of the law actually was necessary...but did you read the fine print and know some of its unpleasant side effects that make dating in the USA dangerous? Probably not. You rolled over big time. You don't care about small print in laws.

And take, for instance, this recent court case:

A Ukrainian prostitute is kicked out of Turkey. Back in Kiev, she agrees via a fly-by-night "agency" to meet an American State Department Official in his hotel room at night (not something that the women would do via normal foreign dating agencies and websites owned by Americans). Two hours later, she agrees to come to the USA with him on a "fiance visa". Now you realize that this man just wanted 90 days of sex back home in the USA and wasn't about to actually marry her...but American policy doesn't allow men to bring girlfriends home to the states (apparently that is Homeland Security's biggest mission). So what he did was reasonable under the draconian circumstances that American men find themselves in as far as bringing girlfriends into the USA (except he should have chosen a nice girl as a girlfriend instead of a whore).

Note: No other country, now or in history, has allowed its women to politically block men from bringing foreign women into the country as girlfriends and wives.

Anyway...shortly before the Ukrainian prostitute's 90 day visa ran out, she met with a Russian woman who had immigrated to the USA properly and started her own business, a dating agency named Encounters. The Russian woman hooked her up with a rich American man and the two married. The Ukrainian prostitute colluded with the new husband to change her fiance visa number to the number of the girlfriend he had recently brought to the USA but who had gone home because they decided not to marry. This was Immigration Fraud of course, but I don't blame them for wanting to get around a bad immigration policy. Over the years, the marital relationship soured and the Ukrainian prostitute mentioned at a cocktail party to the Russian woman that there was alledged physical abuse. The Russian woman stupidly told her that this was normal but then she made a common sense comment that the Ukrainian woman might consider just going home to the Ukraine.

Enter, years later, the radical feminists who control the USA's media including Fox News and Lifetime Television for Womyn: The inexperienced Russian woman who was trying to be an entrepreneur was sued by the Ukrainian prostitute who had been approached by a feminist organization called the TJC. The Republican metrosexual husbands of the TJC feminists are high-powered lawyers who work for Reynolds Tobacco and other major corporations. They offered FREE LEGAL SERVICES to the femininists (and the Ukrainian prostitute Plaintiff) who before a jury and before the media made it sound like an "American mail order bride agency showed no fiduciary interest in the welfare of an innocent foreign woman recruit who was beaten by her husband".

Now at this point you should be very, very worried that a Republican law firm from Dallas, Jones Day, would be helping feminist organizations for free on *any* case. Because you're next.

The jury awarded the Ukrainian prostitute $400K+ in damages for what the Russian woman had said at a cocktail party. Important evidence was suppressed. The woman hadn't even technically been a recruit of the agency. In any case, the prostitute Plaintiff was driving an American car, had been in the USA for many years and knew American culture very, very well when the cocktail party happened. But this didn't ameliorate the feminist fury at what the "dating agency management"...better known as "mail order bride company"... had said to their "martyr".

Do you think the Ukrainian prostitute deserves $400K+ for milking the system? How much will Jones Day receive of that unpayable settlement?

Most of the $400K+ damage award, which of course the Russian woman owner of Encounters cannot pay, was for "pain and suffering" caused by the "defamation" the Russian woman made in court when mention was made of the Ukrainian Plaintiff's former life as a prostitute.

One can argue that the Russian woman entrepreneur who owned Encounters needed to be fined, say $10,000 which is equal to half the annual revenue of the firm, for an inappropriate comment at a cocktail party to someone who could be construed as a female client complaining about her husband hitting her. That would have served as a good warning in case a dating agency actually DID harm an innocent woman with advice given in bad faith.

But what men need to know is that the $400K+ in damages was really a feminist/metrosexual jury's warning that "matchmaking between American men and foreign women will be punished severely on any excuse".

Yet we just go along with it all. You could have been on that jury not hearing suppressed evidence and not getting the actual context of the events. If the media makes certain women appear as victims, we American men almost always sympathize with the women against their "oppressors"...even when their "oppressors" are other women of much better character.

So when you correctly realize that Ann Coulter has as much right to speak as the WTC "victims"...remember that you've been duped before and you will be duped again...as the left infiltrates the offices of Republican politicians and makes their policy.

My blog is http://veteransabroad.blogspot.com.  

By Blogger PSGInfinity, at Sat Jun 10, 05:26:00 PM:

...anyone else thinking that 'Jim' is a creepy, sex-crazed obsessive?  

By Blogger Jim, at Fri Jul 21, 05:35:00 PM:


So you are a male and its "creepy" to date Swedish women in Sweden. Creepy to do anything with foreigners. Too exotic. Too desperate is it?

Is that it?

You won't mind seeing 200,000 foreign women's profiles disappear from the Internet if IMBRA is upheld by the Supreme Court?

Very little chance of this being upheld by the way.

IF the law is upheld, when you apply for a fiance visa, you have to tell the US government whether or not you met your woman on the Internet and, if so, which website.

Are you OK with that up in Maryland?

Actually the government has implemented that part of the law in defiance of the restraining order.

How about this: Although the law is under restraining order in Georgia, a Republican judge in Ohio has stated regarding IMBRA: "The Supreme Court has never explicitly recognized a fundamental liberty interest in Americans meeting foreigners."

Are you still OK with this law?

Seriously. Are you even a male?

You have a problem with hearing the other side in a case of a dating site owner getting railroaded?

Where does the sex addict stuff come in here?

You feel that saying bad things about feminism is the equivalent of bashing gays these days? Politically incorrect is it?

And does it make you a Republican to have a problem with dating European women? Premarital sex bother you? Are you one of those fundamentalist "Christians".

If you don't have anything substantial to say, then don't say anything at all.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Nov 02, 09:10:00 AM:

I have travelled widely to Europe and Asia and I want to share this well-known observation - American feminist women have a terrible reputation among men around the world. They are widely perceived as obese, selfish, spoiled, boorish and emotionally demanding. They are also considered rather overbearing and hysterical. It's well known amongst expat communities around the world that American feminist women are shunned by men outside of U.S.A.

On the contrary, decent and well-off American men are generally viewed as the "cream of the crop" - highly coveted and desirable.... These gentlemen enjoy a great reputation among foreign ladies who perceive them to be respectful, nurturing, responsible, well-educated and financially secure. In addition, these women believe that American men make great husbands, especially in contrast to native men, who are often disrespectful, abusive and unfaithful.

The problem in this country is that the "best in the world" are often paired up with the "worst in the world".... a complete mismatch. It's like a highschool Prom King dating an ugly, domineering and boorish girl. It's very unlikely that this type of relationship will work out. Sadly, this seems to be the case, as the marriages "made in America" have a higher divorce rate (55 to 60 percent) than in the cross-cultural marriages (15 to 20 percent). So why is the risk of divorce so much lower when an American gentleman marries a "mail-order bride"? In a nutshell, it's because our Prom King is marrying a Prom Queen, who is beautiful, intelligent, feminine, appreciative and devoted.

A growing number of affluent American men are rejecting American feminist women and going overseas to embrace loverly, young foreign brides. A nearly fourfold increase in foreign women entering the U.S. on fiance(e) visas (over the last 7 years) supports this contention. It's no secret that by pursuing foreign women, men can find much younger, more attractive and devoted partners than what's available at home.

Take Tiger Woods, for example. This man has essentially rejected all American women and instead, he went overseas and married a lovely Swedish woman. Tiger is a one very smart gentleman.... I bet he knows (that) marriage to a foreign lady would mean a lower risk of future divorce!

Let me tell you about the relationship between my loverly Russian wife and myself. Despite our 21 year age difference, our relationship is based on mutual love and admiration.... our love is real and valid. Also, our bond is strengthened by our common interests, continual romance and mutual respect for each other. As with most Russian women, my wife is independent and has a strong will. Our relationship is a 50-50 equal partnership. There is no control and no domination.

My experience, as described above, is very typical of most marriages to "mail-order brides" - in contrast to many marriages "made in America", there are no bitchiness or nagging, no hysteria or drama and no belligerant or confrontational behaviors.... only mutual love and admiration.

Therefore...., when a decent and affluent American gentleman marries a young, loverly foreign bride, what's created is truely, a match made in heaven - the best matched with the best....

And IMBRA is really a scornful feminist response to this growing international romance.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Nov 02, 09:11:00 AM:

I want to inform modern American feminists of this new reality: most American men do not want you. They do not want to date you and they certainly do not want to marry you. Do you know why? Because any relationships with you pose too much legal and financial risks to American men. The enormous risks of divorce and financial insolvency that men face when they marry you is no longer justified by paltry (often minimum) rewards that you bring to a marriage. Thus, you are being scorned and ignored by a growing number of affluent American men who prefer more feminine and traditional foreign women who offer youth, beauty and loyalty, the qualities you lack. These men realize that by marrying foreign women, they incur lower risk of divorce and greater probability of successful marriage and happiness. Therefore,... many of you will never marry or have children... you will end up like one of your own, Maria Cantwell - old, un-married, completely childless, living with mommy... You need to understand that by depriving and denying your biological instinct to create, love and nurture a family, modern feminism has created a royal road to oblivion that ends with your emptiness, bitterness and despair. Whatever traits or value you carried in your genes will stop with you. No children, no legacy... When you die, you truely die.

A growing number of men now make no apologies for rejecting any modern feminist women. The enormous risks incurred in marrying an American feminist are simply not justified by minimal or no rewards that these relationships bring. An American gentleman now has to walk through a minefield of risks including false abuse claims, financial bankrupcy (from divorce), and denial of child visitation rights. Thus, any intelligent and self-respecting man would reject this modern feminist paradigm of marriage.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Nov 08, 01:40:00 AM:

Online-dating relationships essentially involve three distinct, progressive stages:

1. Stage One is the Introduction Stage, in which people first greet each other ("hello"), exchange letters, e-mails, phone calls, etc.

2. Stage Two is the Courtship Stage, in which people actually meet, get to know each other better and advance their relationship. If the couple met via an International Matchmaking Organization (IMO), the gentleman usually travels to meet the lady in her native country.

3. Finally, Stage Three is the Consular Visa Stage. At this time, the couple is engaged (or married), and the lady applies for a fiance(e)/spousal visa so she can move to the U.S. to join her partner (if her visa is approved).

IMBRA imposes two extensive criminal background checks on all U.S. male clients of IMOs:

1) at the Introduction Stage (at the level of initial contact) and

2) at the Consular Visa Stage (during fiance(e)/spousal visa application)

The two current lawsuits against IMBRA challenge the mandatory background checks at the Introduction Stage, but not at the Consular Visa Stage.

It is very important to emphasize that there has been no documented cases of violence against foreign women (by American men who met them via IMOs) during the Introduction and the Courtship Stages of online-dating relationships. This suggests that for foreign women, there is virtually no risk of physical abuse at these stages. Therefore, it is completely senseless to require unilateral disclosure of personal and criminal information of all American male clients of IMOs at the Introduction Stage (level of initial contact).

Foreign women will be adequately protected by having extensive criminal background check done on their fiance(e)s/spouses at the Consular Visa Stage, before they immigrate to this country.

The Tahirih Justice Center (the main proponent of IMBRA) have failed to give any reasonable explanation as to why mandatory background checks must be done at the Introduction Stage, even though there is no risk of harm (to foreign women).

What is also very disturbing about IMBRA is that Domestic Matchmaking Organizations (DMOs) are completely exempted (from having to do any background checks on male clients), despite numerous cases of brutal murder, rape and torture of women that have occurred as result of contacts "facilitated" by these agencies..... Furthermore, what I find most appalling is that the Tahirih continues to desperately defend these exemptions in Courts, even though eliminating them will help prevent many cases of murder, rape and exploitation of women.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Nov 08, 04:38:00 PM:

Anyone that hates beautiful attractive wome from Eastern Europe, South Americam or Asia in coming to the USA is gay.

Only scumbags support the IMBRA.

Feminists are Feminazis.

Foreign women are superior to American women. More beautiful, more intelligencem, and more values.

American movies more nuisance, more aggravation, and more gut.

Even if an American woman is hot she has bad mileage. Her looks diminish after 30, whereas most foreign women are attractive into there late 40s.

America is turning into a country run by Feminazis.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Nov 09, 12:30:00 PM:

IMBRA: Foreign Women Admired, American Feminist Women Scorned And Ignored

This post has been inspired by a recent opinion article published (August 22, 2006) in Forbes.com, "Don't Marry Career Women", by Michael Noer.

Guys: a word of advice. Marry Asian women or Russian women. Latin or non-Latin. Romanian or Bulgarian. Just, whatever you do, don't marry an American woman.... Why? Because if many surveys are to be believed, you run a higher risk of having a rocky marriage and a divorce....

The spread of radical feminism has led to decline of family values and higher divorce rate in American marriages. The consequences of divorce are devastating and include financial, emotional and physical losses. Moreover, divorce leads to higher psychological and behavior problems in children.... With a high failure rate of marriages "made in America" (over 50 percent) and its subsequent tragic consequences, it has become important for many American men to think "outside the box" and go abroad to find a bride. Every evidence indicate that marrying a foreign woman (instead of an American woman) leads to more successful marriage and significantly lower risk of divorce, reflecting perhaps, a greater degree of mutual devotion in these inter-cultural marriages.

Ahh....foreign women!
Beautiful, sophisticated, devoted, accomodating and appreciative....
Many foreign ladies come from a culture where family values are of paramount importance. Simple things often make them happy, such as a loving relationship, security and comfort. Most women care about their appearance and like to look feminine but they are not submissive. They also value personal responsibility and strong work ethic.

Foreign ladies, such as Russian ladies, naturally admire men, especially American men. These American gentlemen enjoy a great reputation among foreign ladies who perceive them to be nurturing, responsible, well-educated and financially secure. In addition, these women believe that American men make great husbands, especially in contrast to native men who are often abusive, cruel and unfaithful. (Unfortunately, American women are way down the scale in terms of desirability and are virtually ignored by foreign men who prefer to marry their more traditional native women).

It's no secret that by pursuing foreign women, an older man can find a much younger, more attractive and traditional woman than what's available at home. Most young foreign women judge a man more by his honesty and character than by his age or looks. Thus, it is realistic for an older American gentleman to find a considerably younger, more attractive foreign bride, often with an age difference of up to 20 or more years. Youth and beauty translate to fertility, or the ability to have healthy babies and for an older man, this is much more likely to occur with a young, loverly foreign bride than with an obese, middle-aged American woman.

International romance has grown considerably over the recent years as the world has become more globalized, bringing together many decent, successful American gentlemen with lovely, exotic foreign ladies. In most cases, these marriages are very successful, as indicated by a much lower divorce rate compared to those "made in America". Many of these inter-cultural marriages are built upon strong family values, true companionship and mutual devotion. By the way, Tiger Woods, who is married to a beautiful Swedish lady, is a one very smart gentleman.... I bet he knows that marriage to a foreign woman would mean a lower risk of future divorce!

American men who have not been exposed to foreign women have no idea what they are missing out. And for those gentlemen who do have foreign bride dreams, do not let an idiotic law such as IMBRA get in the way of your happiness.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sat Nov 18, 12:40:00 PM:

IMBRA And Tahirih's Destructive Behavior

In the last post, "IMBRA And Tahirih Justice Center's Hypocrisy", I have shown (that) there is no justification to force unilateral release of personal and criminal information of all American male clients of International Matchmaking Organizations (IMOs) at the time of initial contact because at that stage, there is no risk of harm to foreign women.

I have also stated that unlike IMOs, Domestic Matchmaking Organizations (DMOs), such as Match.com and Friendfinder.com, are given a complete exemption (or a "free pass") on having to do any background checks on their male clients. Proponents of IMBRA justify these "free passes" by claiming that in DMO-facilitated relationships, men and women are charged and treated the same and therefore, the balence of power is not skewed to empower the male client. As result, they claim, there is less risk for abuse in these relationships.

This assertion is a complete hogwash - in fact, all evidence indicate that there is a significant threat of harm against women and girls as result of these initial contacts made via DMOs. There have been numerous documented cases of brutal murder, rape, torture and exploitation which have occurred as result.

Here are some examples:

(1) A 14 year old girl met a 37 year old man in an American Online Chatroom in 2000. The man was convicted of taking her across state lines to have sex with her. http://www.dangersofinternetdating.com/int...tcrimelinks.htm

(2) A 13 year old girl, Christina Long, was murdered by a 25 year old man she met in an American Online Chatroom. He has confessed to strangling her. http://www.dangersofinternetdating.com/int...tcrimelinks.htm

(3) The body of a young woman who posted her profile in myspace.com was found near Richmond, VA. The suspect is a man whom she met through myspace.com. http://www.bobparsons.com/october2005.html

(4) A 13 year old girl was killed by a 47-year old SanDiego man (who later committed suicide) whom she met in an internet chat room. http://www.bobparsons.com/october2005.html

(5) An affluent real-estate agent in California is charged with with raping three women, two of whom he met through MillionaireMatch.com, a domestic marriage broker.

(6) A man has been charged with raping 10 women in the Philadelphia area. He met these women via Match.com Hey Tahirih, why isn't Match.com regulated?

(7) A man is charged with having sex with minor, whom he met via MySpace.com

These are just a few examples of hundreds of vicious murder, rape, torture and exploitation against women and girls which have occurred as result of contacts facilitated by DMO's. Many of these horrifying acts of violence may have been prevented if DMOs were forced to do extensive personal and criminal background checks on their male clients.

Now, here is the most heinous part - Tahirih Justice Center, a main proponent of IMBRA, has been fighting in the court of law to preserve these exemptions for DMOs, despite the fact that these "free passes" have enabled many cases of horrendous rape, torture and exploitation against women to occur. We can not afford to let Tahirih prevail regarding these exemptions because if Tahirih gets its way, it will allow murderers, sexual predators, rapists, pedophiles and premeditated torturers a free pass to find their next victims. Tahirih's behavior has been deplorable and deeply destructive to efforts to protect women and girls.

Therefore, I urge everyone, in the name of protecting our women and girls, to fight against Tahirih Justice Center's efforts to preserve exemptions for DMOs. These "free-passes" for DMOs must be eliminated.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Mon Nov 27, 09:16:00 PM:

IMBRA And Tahirih Justice Center's Hysteria

I was just reminded of a recent WJLA (Baltimore) segment in which Tahirih Justice Center appeared in a case of false (probably fabricated) claims of rape/abuse against David Dickerson (brought on by his immigrant wife) and raised hysteria about immigrant abuse.

Appearing on a case of fabricated rape and abuse allegation to "cry wolf" indicates a sense of desperation. This video raises some troubling questions about Tahirih Justice Center's credibility. Just how many of the Tahirih Justice Center's so-called "mail-order bride" abuses are really false or unsubstanciated allegations of rape or abuse? What were they doing appearing on a case of fabricated rape and abuse claim in the first place?

I think WJLA and the reporter Scott Thuman did a good job of capturing this Tahirih's hysteria.  

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