Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The garbage plate 

If you've ever lived in Rochester, New York, as I have, than the title of this post probably means something to you. For there, on a lousy stretch of street, sits Nick Tahou's, a gritty 24 hour restaurant that caters to pimps, tough street kids, paramedics, security guards and workers coming off the late shift, and of course drunken college kids from the U of R and RIT.

Nick Tahou's is famous for being "Home of the Garbage Plate," and that is what one orders if one has the nerve to enter the establishment at all. It comes in several varieties, but most often consists of two cheeseburgers dumped on a bed of home fries, accompanied by a side of mac salad or cold baked beans, all covered with something I guess can only be described as garbage plate sauce, topped with raw onions and served with bread. I believe the version pictured above is actually a hot dog garbage plate, but you could also get them with eggs or pork chops.

I've eaten many of these, and am one of the few people I know who has actually eaten one in the sober light of day. The place is deserted in mid-day, but packed to the gills at 3 am.

One of the worst things about the garbage plate was tasting it the morning after, and facing its stink on your breath, clothes and hair. But this is a very small price to pay to enjoy one of those unique regional delicacies that are so few and far between in this age of Applebees.

Via Road Food.


By Blogger TigerHawk, at Wed Feb 01, 04:44:00 PM:

That really is the dog's breakfast, isn't it?  

By Blogger Charlottesvillain, at Wed Feb 01, 04:59:00 PM:

Not much to look at, but it really is food of the Gods.

Any fellow travelers out there who can give me a little support?  

By Blogger Cardinalpark, at Wed Feb 01, 05:47:00 PM:

Wouldn't want to sit next to you on the plane after that...  

By Blogger Mark Sicignano, at Wed Feb 01, 06:32:00 PM:

As an RIT grad, who hasn't been back to rochester in many years, I sure do miss the garbage plates.

We used to go out drinking all night, and go to Nick's at 4am. Then when we finally woke up in the morning, our body's would be like furnaces, trying to process all of the carbs that we ingested the night before.

I'd have to rate the garbage plate way up there on the food of the gods scale.

We've tried to duplicate it many times, but we've never managed to get the secret grease sauce right...

Road trip!  

By Blogger Greg Solo, at Wed Feb 01, 08:12:00 PM:

My bro, Marky (previous commentator), took me there when I was 14, drunk and Punk (now I'm an undercover Punk). I can tell you...it IS in fact awesome. I prefer the cheeseburgers myself. And I don't know what's up with the bread in the pic, but I got a honkin' tear of Italian bread...or something like that.  

By Blogger Unknown, at Wed Feb 01, 08:19:00 PM:

Garbage plates are great! Do not attempt to eat in car!  

By Blogger Gordon Smith, at Wed Feb 01, 08:50:00 PM:

This vegetarian feels a little nauseous...  

By Blogger Charlottesvillain, at Wed Feb 01, 09:06:00 PM:

Screwie, ROTFLMAO! I should have guessed.  

By Blogger TigerHawk, at Wed Feb 01, 09:09:00 PM:

Vegetables are gay.  

By Blogger Chris, at Thu Feb 02, 07:24:00 AM:

Sounds a lot like the late lamented Elite Diner's breakfast stack, consisting of home fries, biscuits, sausage and eggs covered with gravy.

To the tables and stuff yourselves!  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Feb 02, 07:52:00 AM:

"This vegetarian feels a little nauseous... "

Nu? Go ahead and throw up on the garbage plate; who'd notice?  

By Blogger Gordon Smith, at Thu Feb 02, 08:07:00 AM:

lol @ Akatsukami

Yes, the secret's out. Some liberals don't eat the flesh of the critter. I stopped eating it as a weight loss initiative 15 years ago. I felt great, had more energy, so I never went back to it.

Meat? Blech.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Feb 02, 12:19:00 PM:

Some friends in college made a road trip from SLU in Canton, New York to Rochester for the sole purpose of getting garbage plates. The REALLY twisted part is that they did not eat the Garbage Plate until getting back to SLU about 5 or 6 hours post-purchase. THAT is dedication. And insanity.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Jul 13, 04:19:00 PM:

Born and raised in Crapchester, NY. Can't beat a good plate....  

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