Tuesday, October 25, 2005

George Galloway and the "anti-war" movement 

Power Line points us to this article in yesterday's Independent, which reports on Senator Norm Coleman's claim that he has in his possession documents which prove that lefty MP and anti-American George Galloway sought and received oil-for-food vouchers from Saddam Hussein's government:
In a report issued here, Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman and his colleagues on the Senate Subcommittee for Investigations claim to have evidence showing that Mr Galloway's political organisation and his wife received vouchers worth almost $600,000 (£338,000) from the then Iraqi government.

"We have what we call the smoking gun," said Mr Coleman, who will send the report to the US Department of Justice and the British authorities. The MP could face charges of perjury, making false statements and obstructing a Congressional investigation. Each charge carries a possible jail term of five years and a fine of $250,000.

Galloway, of course, denies the claim now, as he has repeatedly in the past. As John Hinderaker points out, Galloway "claims to have supported the tyrant for free."

Be that as it may, Coleman's press release speaks with startling specificity. If the documents in question surface and prove to be genuine and probative, they will be damning for the groups that have hitched their sponsorship to Galloway's anti-American campaign. Will the National Council of Arab-Americans and Democracy Now! defend Galloway on the theory that he is right even if paid by Saddam to make his points, or distance themselves while tut-tutting about the need to wait "until all the evidence is in"? It will be particularly interesting to see whether they apply a different evidentiary standard to Saddam's dealing's with Galloway than to, say, the Bush administration's "lies" about WMD in Iraq.

Did I say "hitched"? We eagerly await Christopher Hitchens' next column in Slate, which we trust will cover Coleman's accusations. In the meantime, Galloway stalkers may want to read Hitchens' collection of evidence against Galloway here(pdf).

UPDATE: Sissy Willis, who has had Galloway in her crosshairs at least since his "testimony" before the United States Senate, runs a victory lap.

UPDATE: A blogger named Seixon (who I had never heard of) has vastly more here, including a link to the full report (which I had hunted for three bootless minutes earlier in the day).


By Blogger Cardinalpark, at Tue Oct 25, 11:48:00 AM:

Oh, that would be delicious. Galloway ARRESTED and carted off to prison. Coleman has an excellent reputation as a Senator and prosecutor for integrity and thoroughness.  

By Blogger geekesque, at Tue Oct 25, 02:30:00 PM:

Galloway is pure scum, that's for sure.

However, I wish Galloway's accusers would emphasize the fact that Carl Levin (no Bush drone) has been all over Galloway too.

And, let me add that as a liberal/leftie/progressive, I want to slap each and every stupid war opponent who fawns over Galloway.  

By Blogger Cardinalpark, at Tue Oct 25, 02:53:00 PM:

Geek, esq. - Wretchard has a lengthy post which describes Levin's tagteam prosecutorial questioning of Galloway together with Coleman; in fairness though, Coleman is leading the charge on the investigation; however, Levin is deserving of kudos for calling out Galloway for the scum that he is as well.

In that same vein, you should also recognize Barney Frank, as liberal as they get, for helping to call out Eason Jordon at Davos earlier this year.

I agree that a Democrat can be on the right side of these issues. Some are. Sadly, clearly, most are not. And the leadership is not; or is at least to weak to lead intelligently. I wish they were.  

By Blogger Marlin, at Tue Oct 25, 03:05:00 PM:

Wretchard at The Belmont Club has a very interesting post on this topic today as well.

Playing to the Galloway  

By Blogger Seixon, at Tue Oct 25, 04:10:00 PM:

My summary of how screwed Galloway is can be read here, including a break down of the "smoking gun" against him, and revisiting the fact that Galloway conspired to conceal Zureikat's role in funding Mariam Appeal.  

By Blogger geekesque, at Tue Oct 25, 04:44:00 PM:

I guess my point was that highlighting Levin's involvement would make this less of a Pro war/rightwing vs. anti-war/leftwing debate, when in reality it's a United States vs. Saddam-loving criminal debate.  

By Blogger Sissy Willis, at Wed Oct 26, 08:55:00 AM:

It's grrrrreat!!  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Jun 25, 08:50:00 AM:

Well, certainly Galloway has attained fame and infamy, and as a huge fan of Hitchens and an ardent hater of democrats and libtards, I have followed this whole deal extensively over time.
I have a few comments. From Hitchens stinging pdf linked, it is clear that 20.7 Billion was OIF income over the course of 7 years - for "relief for the Iraqi people", from the very sanctions the same piece of crap world dictat instituted.
It sounds all wonderful, and one is enraged when Galloway is caught stealing monies - even for a charity for Iraqis - or pumping a bump payola to Saddam and his agents. But once once does the math, the STARK truth becomes apparent.
20.7 billion over 7 years, for 25 million Iraqi residents. That's a total of $118.27 cents /yr. per Iraqi.
Now someone tell me who the criminals are again ?
If you think that's great, you go live in Iraq on 118 bucks for the year. Then you whine to me about Galloway, instead of whining about the OIF implementation.
Yeah, sorry, I'm a conservative, but I haven't checked my common sense nor my math abilites at the door of libtard hatred.
If ANY power tried that with me, my family, or my region, I would attempt to slay them with any and every means possible.
ANYONE publicly speaking out against the obvious CRIME against THE PEOPLE would be FOREVER FAVORED.
I mean, get a ****'in clue.  

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