Tuesday, January 04, 2005

The United States caused the tsunami! 

For sheer barking-at-the-moon lunacy, I'm not sure that I've seen anything to top this in years. You have to be impressed with the production values, though. The graphics alone are to a very high standard. There's real talent here, obscured though it is by insanity.

CWCID: Whacking Day.

UPDATE: As of Tuesday night (US Eastern) the link seems to be dead (hat tip to my commenters). Too bad. I'll hunt around and see if I can find it otherwise. FURTHER UPDATE: It looks as though we blew out his bandwidth.

WED MORNING UPDATE: He's back up! He must have bought more bandwidth for us.


By Blogger Sluggo, at Tue Jan 04, 04:25:00 PM:

Yikes. This guy's got the whole Reynolds Wrap body suit, inlcuding booties.  

By Blogger Unknown, at Tue Jan 04, 10:09:00 PM:

Hmmm. The link appears to be dead now. It was there this afternoon when I linked to it (and you). Couldn't take the heat?  

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