Friday, December 03, 2004

Spitzer and appearances, again 

USA Today obviously does not read Business Insurance.

Professor Bainbridge describes USA Today's article a "puff piece." Heh. The Larry King of newspapers has this to say about Eliot Spitzer:
As a law enforcement official and consumer advocate, Eliot Spitzer is already a superstar. Some have described him as a modern-day Teddy Roosevelt, standing up to the powerful interests of his day.

But in the world of national politics, where he hopes eventually to make his name, Spitzer is no Roosevelt; at least, not yet.

That's some brutal journalism, right there. "Not yet" Teddy Roosevelt. That's like call me "not yet" Jack Welch.

The regulation of interstate business, which is virtually all business, must be federal or we will return to precisely the chaos that the framers of the Constitution and John Marshall were trying to avoid.


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