Monday, November 29, 2004

Rumors re Rather 

RatherBiased is reporting that Dan's resignation came after CBS top brass received a preliminary report of the independant commission investigating Memogate. Amazingly, since I am not the most plugged-in guy, I actually have a small rumor to add to the mix.

This afternoon, a college classmate of mine who is also a producer of a news division show on a major non-CBS network and who once in his or her past worked for CBS News (such person, the "TigerHawk Source"), reported that he or she had heard that the evidence contained in the aforementioned preliminary report included emails from Dan and others on the show that revealed, shall we say, malice aforethought. Basically, the TigerHawk Source -- who characterizes his or her information as "rumor" -- says that these emails reveal a clear intention to nail the President. The TigerHawk Source believes that the final report will include these emails, or at least refer to them in detail. I further note for credibility-assessment purposes that the TigerHawk Source really dislikes the President and his administration, and actually has some sympathy for the plight of Mr. Rather.

For what it's worth.


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