Monday, November 08, 2004

Election maps 

The Big Picture has a fascinating round-up of links to "election maps". Some of them are very illuminating, and demonstrate grahically that the presentation of data can have an enormous influence on how we perceive it. For example, dedicated TigerHawk readers will remember this map, to which I linked a few days ago. It shows America in Red and Blue by county on a winner-take-all basis. Now look at a red/blue map by state, with the morphology distorted to show relative population. The Bush sweep in the first map shrinks to the much closer election that it was. And if you think that all this red/blue winner-take-all coloration makes no sense, look at this map of "Purple America." Finally, here's a 3D look at the almost unbelievable dominance of the Democrats in the big cities, and their complete failure elsewhere.

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By Blogger Gordon Smith, at Mon Nov 08, 10:41:00 AM:


There's another interesting psychedelic red/blue map based on population Here in dKos Diaries .  

By Blogger Chandor, at Thu Oct 06, 02:19:00 AM:

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