Thursday, August 19, 2004

The McGreevey story goes completely non-linear 

Jeff Jarvis captures the transporting weirdness of the McGreevey-Cipel-Miller triangle of, er, whatever. Here's the link to the Daily News story on Dr. David Miller, who the Daily News describes as an adjunct professor of something undisclosed at Montclair State University. Unfortunately for the fact-checkers at that august paper, Montclair State University's web site acknowledges no such person, so Professor Miller must be deep undercover. Either that, or MSU has a very on-the-ball webmaster.

If this doesn't end up as a story line in the next season of The Sopranos, I'm going to be very disappointed.

UPDATE (6 PM): Wonkette shreds Tina Brown's take on the baring of McGreevey's soul thingy. Heh.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Sep 15, 11:06:00 PM:

I am a sophomore student at Montclair State University. I like to do a google search of all my professors just to see what contributions they have made to the field they are teaching. Upon entering Dr. Miller's name into google, I discovered all this stuff. lol He is my Educational Psychology professor here at MSU. Just so facts are presented truthfully in whatever story this is. Forgive my anonymity, I don't wish to get involved in the story in anyway. I'm just providing some sort of evidence (even as close to heresay as it is) of Dr. Miller's employment at the university.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Sep 15, 11:09:00 PM:

Correcting some information: Dr. Miller is found in the Montclair search engine. Simply typing Miller in the faculty/staff/department field will result in finding his name, campus phone, email, and subject taught, as the fourth listed from the top.  

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