Tuesday, August 31, 2004

It seems that Jim McGreevey already has a job lined up 

From the North Bergen (NJ) Reporter:
Acting Gov. Richard Codey is expected to name resigning Gov. Jim McGreevey to head the state's Stem Cell Institute of New Jersey in a few months, sources said.

McGreevey's resignation takes effect on Nov. 15, at which time Senate President Codey will take over as acting governor. He is expected to name McGreevey to head the institute at some point before the end of the year.

McGreevey established the institute last May as a joint effort between the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey and Rutgers University, to be funded through a public-private partnership. In setting up this year's budget, McGreevey set aside $9.5 million to kick off the institute.

Now we know why Jim McGreevey is so bound and determined to make Richard Codey acting governor.

One thing about Jim McGreevey, you can't argue that he doesn't have absolutely gargantuan stones. First, he appropriates a big wad of money for a new stem cell research institute at a time when the state is suffering enormous fiscal stresses. Then he resigns, dispicably using the gay rights movement to shield him from the many and considerable allegations of corruption aimed at his administration and political allies. Finally, proving that he is in every respect just as corrupt as his worst critics allege, he saddles New Jersey with a caretaker -- and therefore powerless -- governor, in return for which he will receive a cushy state job at who knows what salary.

I certainly hope that all you suckers out there who were praising McGreevey for his "courageous" resignation now recognize that you have massively debased the value of that word.


By Blogger Fausta, at Tue Aug 31, 11:07:00 AM:

Of course, with McG's solid background in the natural sciences, biotechnology, and medicine -- plus his experience as a top-notch financial administrator -- no better name could come to mind.
(says she in a wave of sarcasm!)  

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