Saturday, February 28, 2004

What has happened to Ghadafi? 

'WMDs Exposed Libya to Danger, Gadhafi Says'

Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi says he gave up his plans to develop weapons of mass destruction, because such weapons would have exposed Libya to danger, rather than protect it.

More interestingly, he as much as pleaded with African countries to give up their arms race:

Although it has been rejected by his colleagues from other African countries as premature, Colonel Gadhafi took time to make a new pitch for his idea that Africa should have a single army. He says individual African countries do not need armies, on which he says they spend $14 billion a year. Such money, he says, should be devoted to health and education.

He's right. Pointless armies have been the scourage of Africa, and have brought the post-colonial era nothing but misery. It's almost as though Ghadafi had a responsibility transplant last fall.

CWCID: Instapundit.

UPDATE: See this article from The Scotsman: "[M]ost Libyans see the country’s new relationship with the US as cause for rejoicing."


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