Thursday, February 12, 2004

The Kerry Affair 

By now you all know, Drudge is dredging the bottom again. No matter who benefits from this -- true or not -- American politics will suffer.

There is only one respect in which this is interesting, even if it is distressing. By most accounts, Kerry's appeal to Democratic primary voters has been his supposed ability to beat Bush, rather than embedded passion for Kerry himself. If a candidacy is based solely -- even just mostly -- on "electability," is it inherently much more vulnerable to scandal than a candidacy based on substance, or love of the candidate? We will soon find out.

Since bloggers have already beaten this horse into a terminal coma (and it has only been a few hours), I probably won't write anything more on this issue. So come to TigerHawk for commentary about subjects other than the sexual escapades of public figures (unless this -- or any other scandal -- becomes too hilarious to resist).


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