Thursday, February 19, 2004

Edwards and Kerry accuse Bush of exploiting 9/11 

"George Bush and Karl Rove have made no secret of the fact that they intend to use the tragedy of 9/11 to make national security the centerpiece issue of the election," said [Kerry spokesman Mark Kornblau]. Edwards pretty much said the same thing.

Of course, it isn't surprising that national security should be the centerpiece issue of the election, since we are at war with people who want to kill us all and will if we let them. Too bad we can't Google FDR's references to World War II, or even Pearl Harbor, during the 1944 election campaign -- do you think he was still running on the New Deal?

It is claims such as this -- and John Kerry's oft-quoted assertion that Bush has exaggerated the threat of terrorism -- that remind us that the remaining Democratic candidates believe that the war on terrorism is properly the sphere of police work and prosecution, rather than military action. That is a shame, because if one of them would just come right out and say that we are in a war that we have to win and if elected it will receive his full attention, I might very well vote for him.

OK, truth be told, Kerry will also have to stop referring to "Benedict Arnold CEOs," but getting the war on terrorism right would be my passport from Single Issue Hell (I hate it down here, by the way -- I'm surrounded by all these people who quite absurdly believe that all votes should depend entirely on one's support for or opposition to legal abortions.).


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